Arts of Piekūns

  1. Some of my kokle songs


    Video by Arnis Ušackis, me playing a song I developed out of a couple of chords - called Montain Song. Video taken in London, Clapham Common park, 2012. My friend Kārlis Jirgens has shown me the chord combination, I developed the structure and the melody:  

    Here`s a video of me playing an improvisation on traditional Latvian ethnic music instrument - kokle; in London, Battersea park, 2012. Video by Arnis Ušackis. Improvisation is called "Dieviņš zvaigznes birdināja tīrumiņu staigādams" (God sowed the stars while walking the field). The video is in HD, so I recommend watching in 1080p.  


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