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  1. Kokles how-to

    Check out my Youtube channel. Now and then I'm submitting new videos on kokles how-to! 

    Below you can see lots of first-step advices and video tutorials that should help you with leaning to play kokle. Also, if you're determined to learn, let me know and we can catch up on Skype to see if I can help you with that. 

  2. Chords for kokle in GAb tuning

    Basic chords

    • 1

      Basic chords

    • 2

      Extra chords

    • 3

    Bottom-left from the picture above, you can press on 1,2 or 3 and you'll see more advanced chords as well.

    In the picture above you can see the table for 11-stringed kokle with GA-b tuning where as you can see G and A are the drone (bass) strings and "b" is B flat. Basicly those are the main notes or strings that make the difference between this tuning (GA-b) and others. 

    The digits (on the lines) show the placement of each finger on the strings - that`s how you make a chord. 1 is for thumb, 2 - index finger etc. (top-right of the picture). 

    Below the lines you see some letters - C, Dm, F etc. - these are the names (notes) of the chords. X-s are marked on the strings, that you don't use for the chords, unless you want them for the melody. 

    <HERE> you can see enlarged coloured drawing for printing. When the link opens, click on image to enlarge.  

    Below - some of my video tutorials on starting to play kokle. 

    Remember to always start learning slowly and step by step. If some of the movements in these videos are too fast for you, use the option to reduce the speet by 0.5 or 0.25 to get slow motion mode on youtube. 




  3. Below you can see an example on how to play the melody for Latvian folksong "Maltuves balsis".  

    You can see how to place the fingers to get chords Dm and Am and how to switch these chords. 

    <Here> you can hear the original of the song in mp3 (

    P.S. Sorry, I'm not much of a singer in this video :)  



    Trejupe - Maltuves balsis 

    ik pantiņš 2x


    Tā sacīja jauni rudzi

    Maltuvēi ieiedam


    Kur tā mūsu malējiņa

    Nepušķotas dzirnaviņs


    Tumsā gāju māli malti

    Tumsā Dieviņš palīdzēj


    Tumsā sēda mīļā Māra

    Dzirnu galda galiņā


    Dzirnaviņas priecājāsi

    Kad ierauga malējiņ


    Nu varēsi pagulēti

    Baltā miltu kupenā


    Pelēkaisi akmentiņi

    Nāc ar mani spēlēties


    Izspēlēju rudzus, miežus

    Pa vienai saujiņai.


    Here's my translation for this song "Voices of the Mill" 

    This is what the youg rye said

    Going into the mill  

    "Where is our miller girl? 

    The mill is not decoraed with flowers" 

    I went to make the flour for the bread in the dark 

    In the dark the dear God (Dievinš - pagan god above all others) helped me 

    In the darkness Maara (Earth deity) was sitting 

    At the end of the mill table 

    The mill is happy to see the miller girl  

    Now it can sleep again 

    In a pile of white flour 

    Come the grey stone (mill stone) 

    And play with me 

    I played through all rye and wheat 

    One handful at a time

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