Arts of Piekūns

  1. My contacts

    Feel free to contact me on your questions about kokle and playing of this instrument. 

    If you wish to sponsor me in recording of my first album or you have offers to cooperate, or if you want to help me with donations to make the kokles how-to videos better, please e-mail me: 


    Kokle virtuoso Laima Jansone  

    Briefly all about kokles (an article by a folk/pagan metal band Skyforger, that got me into Latvian floklore and playing ethnic musical instruments)  

    My kokle band from London - Kokļu Zapte 


    Publications by the ethnic musical instrument guru Valdis Muktupavels 

    A great book about kokles, different tunings and how-to's by Valdis Muktupavels

    A simple and very good book to start learning how to play kokle by Julgi Stalte 

    Kokle classes in Riga, Latvia 

    Some good tips on how to look after your kokle can be found in this kantele guide 

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