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  1. My contacts


    If you have offers to cooperate or do recordings, or if you want to help me with donations to make the kokles how-to videos better and record my first album, please e-mail me.  

    mail: (can also be used to find me on Skype)

    facebook: <Jekabs Zarins > (Please send me a message in facebook first, before you send a friend request. Thank you!)

    My kokle band from London - Kokļu Zapte 

    Kokle craftsman Girts Laube  

    Kokle virtuoso Laima  

    Briefly all about kokles (an article by a folk/pagan metal band Skyforger, that got me into Latvian floklore and playing ethnic musical instruments)  

    Publications by a kokle guru Valdis Muktupavels 

    A great book about kokles, different tunings and how-to's by Valdis Muktupavels

    A simple and very good book to start learning how to play kokle 

    Kokle classes in Riga, Latvia 

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