Arts of Piekūns

  1. A set of pictures, property of Jekabs Zarins

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      A set of pictures, property of Jekabs Zarins

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      Courtesy of kokle maker Rihards Valters

  2. Where do I get a kokle?

    You can always just pop in a music shop, like UPE in 5 R Vagnera iela, Old Town, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia ( +371 67 226 119) and get your own kokle there on the spot. It's going to be a bit more expensive than ordering directly from a kokle maker, but if you are in a hurry or you like to check out which kokle appeals to you more by the timbre and looks, it's a great option. I bought mine there in 2008 and several kokle students that I've had over the years also have bought their kokles there. 

    Another option, which is best if you don't live in Latvia or you want a custom kokle, is to order it from a kokle craftsman. Below is the contact information for a few kokle craftsmen from Latvia I'm lucky to know about. 

    As long as I know, even the ones who don't speak English, have solutions for translating, so the language is not an obstacle.



    Andris Roze


    tel. (+371) 26553315

    Usually takes just a month to make a kokle


    Eduards Klints 

    Very busy, queue on the orders is 6-12 months

    Also makes other traditional Latvian music instruments


    Ģirts Laube 



    tel. (+371) 26777233 

    Usually takes just a month to make a kokle


    Kārlis Lipors


    tel. (+371) 29680082 

    Usually takes just a month to complete the order. One of my kokles is from this craftsman. Has a lot of experience in shipping to UK. 


    Edgars Vilmanis-Meženieks


    tel. +371 26 745 261 

    Makes 11 string Latgales and Kurzemes kokles with metal pegs. From 250€ + shipping. Extra price for custom details and modifications. 


    Krists Jánis Lazdiņš

    Only Latgales kokles 10-11 strings, 

    e-mail:, also on Facebook


    Māris Jansons

    tel +79080187902 


    In and out from Latvia, shipping from Russia. 

    A beloved ethnic music instrument craftsman from Latvia.

    Kokles - Latgales un Kurzemes 10-11 strings 200 EUR + shipping 20-30 EUR. 12-14 strings 250-300 EUR + shipping. Can also be ordered with inbuilt pickups (extra 50-200 EUR depending on chosen quality) for amplifiers. 

    Also makes bagpipes (300-500 EUR) and traditional Latvian flutes from wood in tunings G,A,B,C,D,E (15-25 EUR). 

    Usually takes a month to complete an order.

    One of his projects in pictures - 


    Rihards Valters 



    tel.: (+371) 25951892 

    Great designs, makes a variety of Latvian traditional music instruments. Kokles can be ordered with carved totemic animal heads as well. 

    In the video below he's playing kokle.

    The ģīga (Latvian traditional music instrument on the left) is also made by Rihards. 




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